About Us

Our Mission:

To provide an affordable, versatile, and unique way to personalize any space.

Our Motto:

Make it Local, Make it Simple, Make it Better

Make it Local

In 2014, we opened a small lamp studio and printing house in the heart of South Los Angeles. Here we found something truly special; a thriving local community of artisans who prided themselves on making beautiful products by hand, and who were eager to work. By partnering with this new generation of makers, and supporting local suppliers, we created a community. Who says American manufacturing is dead?

Make it Better

Because we source locally, and because we do all of our printing, packaging, and shipping in house, we are able to make a lamp that is affordable WITHOUT sacrificing quality. Every Lampables lamp is custom printed with UV- cured, high resolution and archival inks, directly onto translucent and durable polystyrene. We don’t just give you a brilliant shade, we give you something that lasts. Give yourself or your friends and family a functional, memorable, humorous, and inspirational gift that is as solid and lasting as your love.